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At Spectrum IT Global, we believe in transforming our clients business regardless of theindustry it belongs to. There are many challenges in each industry these days, which maybe because of a number of reasons, like technological advancements, compliance issues,growing competition, rules and regulatory advances etc.

In- depth knowledge of a particular industry and latest trends changing the workenvironment are required for delivering solutions that enables a business to growrapidly and generate ROI. Our countless hours of experience researching about softwareadvancements in each of the following industries have made us the trusted partner ofmany of our clients.

1. Healthcare- We is well equipped with professionals with domain expertiseand infrastructure to build secure and useful applications for various healthcareinstitutes. The concept of EMR has changed dramatically over the past fewyears and the need of institutes is much larger. We incorporate clinical as well asadministrative requirement of a healthcare institute in a most secure and scalablemanner.

Specialized programs to connect medical labs, pharmacy, physician, patient andinsurance agents are created with various levels of permissions to each logincode. This enhances security and makes the healthcare system agile, robust andcost- effective. Increasing patient awareness and regulations advances are makingsystems obsolete thus giving rise to newer and more sophisticated applications.

2. Insurance & Banking- Our understanding of this industry’s business practices andconcerns has led us to believe that an insurance application is highly dependenton information. Continuous updating of information in insurance portal makes itextremely important for the agents on the field to know the changes every second.Spectrum IT Global creates centralized system connecting insurers regardlessof any geographical boundaries. Using open- source tools, we build applicationswithin clients’ budget and successfully bring new and improved solutions.

Spectrum IT Global deals with the biggest names in the industry throughdevelopment and support in each and every module of insurance including life,retirement plans, auto, home, LTC etc.

3. Retail and manufacturing- Retaining and satisfying customers have become acomplex task as the pressure on retailers increase. Globalization and customerawareness has taken retailing to a whole new level where both physical and onlineretailers are trying innovative strategies to attract customers and yet maintaininglower costs. Spectrum IT Global comes as someone with immense experience inthis domain and transforms operations for better collaboration and increased sales.We provide retail and manufacturing customers’ solutions in the areas of storesystems, customer targeting strategy, automated systems for improved efficiency,inventory management for better visibility.

Our Business Analytics and Data warehousing services are tried and tested andensure improved decision making as well as rich customer experience for ourclients.

4. Telecommunications- It is one of the most highly competitive industriesundergoing a constant change for the last decade. The need for advanced andbetter solutions to increase efficiency is tremendous giving birth to innovation.Our technical, domain and functional knowledge in telecommunications and cablehave helped us reach out to clients across continents.Our span of services includes but is not limited to: BI solutions, CRM, IP andNetworking solutions, E-commerce solutions, etc. We provide end to end solutionto the cable companies to deliver their best and get ahead of the competition.

5. Education- The way education is imparted has changed entirely and there is ahigh demand of sophisticated systems for back- end offices, wireless systems andsecurity. The systems need to improve productivity and lower operational costs.Our passion and natural drive to serve the educational sector is immense andwe have collaborated with institutes to develop and maintain applications forstudents’ records, results record, parents and teachers’ portal, online educationsystems etc. We are driven by intellect and value capturing and safe keepinginformation.

Spectrum IT Global has domain expert developers and Bas to gather requirementand transform it into excellent results.

6. Government- We cater to state government needs in various sectors. Weunderstand the sensitivity and importance of government councils anddepartmental needs. We do sourcing for all government positions includingcomplete background and employment checks.Apart from sourcing, we built powerful applications for various governmentinstitutes like hospitals, schools, voter registration, public administration etc. tostreamline their operations at minimal cost.