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Application Development and Maintenance

Spectrum IT Global offers its customers applications of any size, domain and skillset. Weunderstand that when a client is looking for partnering with an application developmentand maintenance company, they are already unsure of how someone else’s solutionswork for them. We unburden you by creating unique tailor-made applications as peryour requirement. Our company has evolved and matured thru years of experience into atrusted solutions partner for many of our clients. By providing end to end solutions andsupport we are able to deliver robust applications and value to our customers in variousbusiness domains.

Using the tried and tested SDLC model we follow the different stages of softwaredevelopment mentioned below and ensure the projects are completed on time while stillbeing flexible to accommodate changes during the process.

Some of the key stages in this process are

1. Requirement Gathering- understanding the client’s point of view and the corepurpose of the application allows us to ensure the application is designed to meetthe current and future requirement. Over a number of iterations we crystallizethe scope of the project and set the right expectations for both the client andourselves.

2. Development Phase- At this phase we start coding and use project managementmethodologies to track progress and any roadblocks that impact the deliverable.This stage encompasses design, development and testing of the solution to ensureit meets the expectation mentioned above.

3. Maintenance Phase- Any application has shelf life after which it becomesredundant or doesn’t serve a purpose. However until then it needs to bemaintained effectively so that the client is able to generate revenue. We ensurethat the application is running and supported throughout the lifetime of the projectto ensure that our clients get the maximum ROI from their investment in thesolution.

Effective application maintenance includes:

1. Corrective Maintenance- Occasionally the project might identify bugs or missingfeatures which are required but not available within the current application , weaddress such issues with this approach.

2. Preventive Maintenance- As the application grows there may be performance orsecurity features that need to be implemented to ensure scalability which was notanticipated during the initial scope, these are handled during this stage.

3. Adaptive Maintenance- Software might need to be adaptive to respond toscenarios where the lag between root cause analysis and actual deployment of thesolution is unacceptable. We address this by using adaptive maintenance to ensurethat as many issues as possible are automatically handled within the applicationwithout needing developer input.

4. Help Desk-Services- For regular day to day operations required to handlecustomer queries such as lost passwords and connectivity issue on an ad hoc basiswe also have Help desk services.


1. Improve the performance of application- well thought-out applications are amuch better investment as they are able increase or multiply the efficiency of theorganization.

2. Risk Management- a clearer picture of the different stages help the businessidentify not just opportunities but areas where there are risks and then workstowards mitigating them.

3. Robustness of application- Adoption of the application will be driven by thefeatures it provide and its reliability. Keeping in mind industry best practices andsound design principles will help the application perform to expectations.

4. Scalability and Flexibility- While it is not possible to anticipate the load on theparticular application accurately. By making sure best practices are followed wecan ensure that the system is capable of handling a steady increase in usage and soensure that the software doesn’t become out of date within a short span of time.

5. Budget benefits- The goal’s always to deliver the application on time and underbudget and all efforts are taken to ensure the same.